Installing FreeBSD 6.0 on IBM BladeCenter HS20

lars at lars at
Sat Mar 11 08:43:14 UTC 2006

Damian Gerow wrote:
> Thus spake fbsd_user (fbsd_user at [10/03/06 08:59]:
> : I see you both have Bladecenters. 
> : Have you had any luck with getting FreeBSD to install on it yet.
> : 
> : What is the status of your efforts.
> : 
> : Been offered contract to do this for client, 
> : but need to know if it can be done before I accept the job.
> I have yet to get it working, but I've been focusing explicitly on an
> Opteron blade using an amd64 install.  It seems as though you may have luck
> by using an Intel blade (these are by far more common), and doing the
> install via the Java-based console provided by the Management Module.  It
> seems as though the keyboard just 'works' once you boot into an installed
> system.
> However, as I've not personally gotten it to work (and won't be able to play
> with it for at least another two weeks), I can only say I suspect that
> approach will work.
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