Installing FreeBSD 6.0 on IBM BladeCenter HS20

Damian Gerow dgerow at
Sat Mar 11 01:59:33 UTC 2006

Thus spake fbsd_user (fbsd_user at [10/03/06 08:59]:
: I see you both have Bladecenters. 
: Have you had any luck with getting FreeBSD to install on it yet.
: What is the status of your efforts.
: Been offered contract to do this for client, 
: but need to know if it can be done before I accept the job.

I have yet to get it working, but I've been focusing explicitly on an
Opteron blade using an amd64 install.  It seems as though you may have luck
by using an Intel blade (these are by far more common), and doing the
install via the Java-based console provided by the Management Module.  It
seems as though the keyboard just 'works' once you boot into an installed

However, as I've not personally gotten it to work (and won't be able to play
with it for at least another two weeks), I can only say I suspect that
approach will work.

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