VFS MFC testers wanted

David Kirchner dpk at dpk.net
Tue Mar 7 18:16:21 UTC 2006

On 3/3/06, Jeff Roberson <jroberson at chesapeake.net> wrote:
> I plan to MFC all of this lovely stuff for 6.1:
> http://www.chesapeake.net/~jroberson/vfsmfc.diff
> I'm looking for people who are willing to patch their stable boxes and
> test this.  This has the following changes in it:
> 1)  Improved debugging with DEBUG_LOCKS via the new stack(9) api.
> 2)  Fixed an INACTIVE leak.
> 3)  Fixed several unmount races.
> 4)  Fixed several nullfs unmount issues.
> 5)  Some more Giant related VFS fixes and asserts.
> 6)  Fixed the quota deadlock.
> These problems should be rare enough that most of you have not seen them.
> So just let me know if this introduces any new problems etc.  I will be
> MFCing within a week.

Do you have a list of the PRs that this affects and/or resolves?

I'm curious, specifically, about kern/84589. I believe it may be
related to snapshots in some way, but I don't know. I'm not going to
be able to test the patch on these servers, unfortunately, as they're
fully in production now. The servers are stable now with
background_fsck="NO", but "YES" is still the default (last I checked).

FWIW: the deadlock in 84589 doesn't involve quotas, as there were no
quotas enabled in the kernel. The URLs referenced in the PR are no
longer valid (they were never clicked) but I can produce them if

Also: http://www.freebsd.org/releases/6.1R/todo.html

The todo page mentions deadlocks but doesn't link to any specific
PRs/threads that discuss them. Are these fixed with this MFC?

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