RELENG_6: serial console drops back from 115200 to 9600 baud

Ian Dowse iedowse at
Tue Mar 7 01:37:45 UTC 2006

In message < at>, Mike Tancsa writes:
>I think I am almost there, but in my case, I get some strange char 
>duplication after seeing the F1 prompt. The BIOS has console 
>redirection, so I can see it throughout the bootup process.
>//bboooott..ccoo- ffiigg::  --DDhh//
>BTX loader 1.00  BTX version is 1.01

That's probably expected if you enable dual console mode (-D) when
the BIOS is also redirecting VGA output to the serial port. Each
character goes to both the serial port and the screen, but the BIOS
is also copying screen characters to the serial port so each character
appears twice. Once the kernel starts it no longer uses BIOS calls
to output to the screen.

There might be a BIOS option to disable the redirection when booting.
Alternatively you could remove the -D, but you will no longer get
kernel boot messages on the VGA console.


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