Great job to all who work on FreeBSD!

John Reynolds~ jreynold at
Mon Mar 6 15:24:48 UTC 2006

[ sorry for the cross-post, but both "camps" deserve this message ]

A hearty "thank you" to all FreeBSD developers and a job well done! I've been
"out of the loop" on FreeBSD due to utter busy-ness on the job and at home
(along with general apathy for being in front of a computer outside work) for
about 2.5 years now. I decided to finally upgrade one of my boxes from
5.1-CURRENT to 6.2-BETA2 over the weekend. Everything went flawlessly and a
few knobs set within rc.conf and make.conf and my box was totally functional,
and fast!

My hat's off to all developers, testers, etc. for the sacrifices you give to
bring such great software to all of us!


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