Fresh install on gmirror'ed disks?

JoaoBR joao at
Sat Mar 4 10:48:18 UTC 2006

On Friday 03 March 2006 23:45, Mark Kirkwood wrote:
> I would certainly see the installer handling software RAID as a
> considerable benefit.
>  From what I've seen on the net, to install and boot off RAIDed system
> disks is quite fiddly (maybe gmirror is the exception here, as I've
> mainly been looking at striping).
> Cheers
> Mark

geom changed this complications definitely, using gmirror or gstripe commands 
is easy as copying a file. Probably one of the most important things that 
with vinum as example it was not possible to mirror a root partition but 
since gmirror places the metadata different we can have now a mirrored and 
bootable root partition. Striping with ccd and vinum or mirroring was 
certainly a pain even if it worked then stable and reliable. So in comparism 
the easy use of geom is great and the people which developed geom did a 
really fantastic job.


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