Fresh install on gmirror'ed disks?

Mike Jakubik mikej at
Fri Mar 3 20:36:20 UTC 2006

JoaoBR wrote:
> On Friday 03 March 2006 12:27, Mike Jakubik wrote:
>>> The only advantage I can see is when you really want raid at install time
>>> and that definitly is not usual.
>> What planet are you from? It's very usual. You setup RAID before you
>> copy data to the array, not the other way around.
> I am from planet earth, already from the round-ball one ;)
> you said you waste your time installing the OS, activating raid and 
> re-installing the Os
> now you talk about copying date
> you can mirror or stripe without loosing data and you can do it online, 
> inserting and removing slices whenever you want

What are you talking about? I think its time to brush up on your english 
reading and writing skills. It takes much more work, time, and 
complexity to 1) boot cd and install os 2) reboot to os and follow a 
complex procedure to setup geom based raid than it does to 1) boot cd, 
make gmirror with installer, install os.

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