5.4 install disc1 will not find hard drive

Doug White dwhite at gumbysoft.com
Sat May 14 21:29:06 PDT 2005

On Sat, 14 May 2005, fbsd_user wrote:

> I have seen this problem on the questions list since 5.0 first can out as
> development version. Here 5.4 is now stable release and this problem is
> still not fixed. I have been using the same pc to test installing stable
> versions from miniinst.iso every version since 3.4 without any problems.
> Even 5.3-miniinst.iso worked just 2 weeks ago. The 5.4 stable does not have
> a miniinst.iso file so this time I used the disc1.iso to burn the install cd
> from and when booting from this cd I now get no hard drive found message
> from sysinstall (standard install) menu. This sure looks very strange to me
> as I can put in the cd burned from the 5.3-miniinst.iso file and the system
> installs just fine. Only difference is using disc1 this time. Even though
> the md5 CHECKSUM matched I downloaded and reburned disc1.iso again just to
> verify it was good.

What hardware (motherboard, cpus, memory, etc.) are you using?

> Power management and APIC have been bios disabled since version FreeBSD 3.4
> version so that is not the problem. I tried selecting safe option to boot
> and still get same error 'no hard disk found".   My hard drive is an western
> digital 310100 on ata0 as master. When using this 5.4 install cd on other
> pc/ motherboard/ hard drive combos I get same error.

You can hit Scroll Lock and use the arrow keys or page up/down to look at
the boot messages. Near the bottom of the output should be the disk probe
-- this may have more details. If not, try booting and selecting the
"verbose boot" option.

> I think there is something wrong with the build process of the disc1.iso
> file. The miniinst.iso must be build using a different canned script that
> does not incorporated the bug that is in the disc1 build.   Maybe the .ISO
> builds team needs to take a look at this problem.

The only difference is the files included in the mkisofs run. The exact
same files are used.

> And to continue on with this thought  why does 5.4 NOT have a miniinst.iso
> file?????

That's a good question :-) I didn't realize we hadn't made one.

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