Strange threads problems

Ken Menzel kenm at
Mon May 5 07:04:50 PDT 2003

Hi Boris,
Not really,  It's a bug in freebsd.  Try reducing MAXDSIZ to
(2047*1024*1024),  it has to be less than 2Gig or a thread will not be
created.  I think it is a problem with signing and the way threads
check for available memory before starting up.

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Subject: Strange threads problems

> Hello!
>     Have installed 4.8R and recompiled kernel with next options:
> options         MAXDSIZ="(2UL*1024*1024*1024)"
> options         MAXSSIZ="(256*1024*1024)"
> options         DFLDSIZ="(1024*1024*1024)"
> and MySQL with native threads failed to load with
> Fatal error 'Can't create gc thread' at line ? in file
> /usr/src/lib/libc_r/uthread/uthread_create.c (errno = ?) error and
> Can't create interrupt-thread (error 35, errno: 4) error with
> linuxthreads. Commenting out MAXSSIZ and DFLDSIZ options solves the
> problem. What I doing wrong?
> Boris
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