disk block failing on root disk on sun blade 1000

Joerg Wunsch j at uriah.heep.sax.de
Wed May 29 15:43:54 UTC 2013

As Riccardo Veraldi wrote:

> I found plenty of 512GB Seagate NL35 series FC AL disks which are
> goign to be throwed away at work inside a EMC2 old storage.


> is there any way to "dd" the old 18GB content on the new 512GB disk
> and have a free 500GB partition available  ?

Just don't dd it.

Create a new label.  With

disklabel -Bw da1 auto

you create a new label on it (including bootstrap).  Then, edit the
label with

disklabel -e da1

Create partitions as you like.  (Consult the manpage for "sunlabel(8)"
if you are unsure.)  Create filesystems for these partitions.  Mount
them.  Copy over each of the old file system's contents to the new
mountpoint, like

cd /mnt/usr

dump 0af - /usr | restore rf -

(When done, you can remove the files named "restoresymtab" that have
been created in each new filesystem.  They are only needed when you
are going to subsequently copy an incremental backup on top of the
level 0 one.)

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