Netra t1 105: novice questions

Dmitry Pryanishnikov dmitry at
Wed Oct 4 06:15:42 PDT 2006


   First of all, I'm not a novice regarding the FreeBSD/i386, but it's the 
first time I have to use sparc64-compatible Netra t1 105 (used) machine. So my 
main question is - how to install the FreeBSD on this beast? Machine is 
equipped with 2 SCSI HDDs, also I've found 2 Ethernet ports and 2 serial 
ports; first of them is the serial console. I've made the serial cable and got 
the startup messages:

LOMlite console
LOM event: LOM reset
LOM event: power on

screen not found.
keyboard not found.
Keyboard not present.  Using ttya for input and output.

They suggest (screen/keyboard not found) that there can be a some kind of
system console, but it's missing, correctly?

    Then it initializes memory and tries to boot off the HDD. So:

1. Is it possible to stop this sequence and boot off the CDROM via the
add-on Promise TX2 PCI controller (the beastie has 1 32-bit PCI slot).

2. If no, how one can install the FreeBSD on such a beastie?

Sincerely, Dmitry
Atlantis ISP, System Administrator
e-mail:  dmitry at
nic-hdl: LYNX-RIPE

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