FreeBSD not detecting disk partitions of slave drive

siddharth seth sidharth.seth at
Wed Oct 4 05:27:49 PDT 2006


I am using FreeBSD 6.1 on Ultra Sparc II.

I have two hard drives on my system. ad0 has only Free BSD installed
and is the master and
ad1 has multiple partitions, (1 FREEBSD, 2 FAT32) and is the slave

FreeBSD is able to detect both the drives but doesnot show the
partitions of ad1 in /dev, because of which I am unable to mount it.

The MAKEDEV script is not there, since devfs is supposed to take care
of this all . Even the fdisk utility in sysinstall shows ad1 as a
single block and not the individual partitions. I donot wish to
repartition ad1 since I have lots of data in the drive and cannot
afford to loose it.

Help and ideas needed to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance

Siddharth Seth

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