Netra t1 105: novice questions

Miles Nordin carton at Ivy.NET
Thu Oct 5 13:25:08 PDT 2006

>>>>> "dp" == Dmitry Pryanishnikov <dmitry at> writes:

    dp> lom>

This is a microcontroller snooping on ttya.  Press '#.' to get back to
the LOM, from which you can power-cycle it, check its temperature and
fan-status, and activate a blinking orange light to help you find it
among a stack of many Netras plugged into a terminal server.  Enter
'console' at the lom> prompt to get back to the regular serial port.
sounds like you are already past that stage, though.

    dp> how to install the FreeBSD on this beast?

It should come with an IDE laptop-style CD-ROM.

It didn't?

    dp>     Then it initializes memory and tries to boot off the
    dp> HDD.

Press ^C during the Initializing memory /-\| banner, and you should
get an 'ok ' prompt.  At that prompt, you can type 'boot cdrom'.

    dp> via the add-on Promise TX2 PCI controller

No, you can't boot off that.  However it has its own IDE bus and
controller, off which you can boot.  I'm not sure it has a normal IDE
connector, though.  It may only have a laptop CD-ROM IDE connector.

If you don't have the CD-ROM and can't find an ordinary 40-pin IDE
connector on the mainboard, you'll have to boot it over the network to
install.  This is slightly documented by me and alm at in
two posts to this list dated 2005-07-27.  I can forward you a copy if
you need it.
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