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Doug White dwhite at
Mon Jan 31 15:32:59 PST 2005

On Sun, 30 Jan 2005, Joel Cant wrote:

> Yeh, tried that, it seems to drop it to serial, and minicom and cu
> connect, but they dont give me a prompt for some strange reason just
> sits there, I donk know if there is any settings i should need to do on
> the sparc before i can do this, but it should be ok. I'm gonna get
> myself another null modem cable tomorrow just to make sure its that, but
> this cable seems fine on other things.

its possible the previous user changed the settings. To reset the OBP
parameters to defaults, plug in a Sun keyboard and hit Stop-A at the
Initializing Memory spinny, then type 'set-defaults' and hit ENTER at the
OBP 0> prompt.  Type 'printenv' and hit ENTER and verify the coma
parameters are set back to 9600,8n1, then power off the system, remove the
keyboard, plug in your serial console (make sure its a null modem with a
Male-Male adapter; don't plug it into the parallel port)  then power the
system on. If all the cables are working you should get the normal boot

There's another way to reset OBP to defaults by holding Stop-D, but I'm
not sure if that will carry over if you then power off and pull the
keyboard out.

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