Sparc64 Installprobs

Joel Cant freebsd at
Sun Jan 30 13:59:18 PST 2005

>>> Try using a serial console and the 'n' (next) and 'p' (previous) keys
>>> rather than the arrow keys. There are other ways, but this is probably
>>> the easiest way to get an install finished quickly.
>>> -T
>> Yeh, I think something is broken with the serial console on my sparc, 
>> I can connect to it, but it doesnt give me a prompt, I know the 
>> settings are right (9600 baud 8N1) but nothing, thats why i was going 
>> for the plain old keyboard method, to find its garbled :/
>> Joel
> Have you tried booting with out the keyboard attached, on my U5 and 
> SparcStations that forces open firmware to use the serial port as the 
> console redirect.
> HTH,
> Andrew D Wiles
Yeh, tried that, it seems to drop it to serial, and minicom and cu 
connect, but they dont give me a prompt for some strange reason just 
sits there, I donk know if there is any settings i should need to do on 
the sparc before i can do this, but it should be ok. I'm gonna get 
myself another null modem cable tomorrow just to make sure its that, but 
this cable seems fine on other things.


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