HEADSUP: change in serial console handling

Marcel Moolenaar marcel at xcllnt.net
Sun Jan 30 16:18:38 PST 2005


Yesterday I fixed the support for the Z8530 in uart(4), which was the
main blocker for not switching over to uart(4). With that fixed, I
enabled puc(4) and uart(4) and also disabled ofw_console(4), sab(4)
and zs(4) in GENERIC in 6-CURRENT. I updated /etc/ttys accordingly.

With uart(4) the default console handler for serial consoles, we are
also a small step away from having keyboard and mouse support enabled
by default. It's known to work on some models (like the U5/U10), but
it needs tweaking and testing on the U2 (and I think U1E). I'll be
doing that in the coming days/weeks.

The intend is to merge it all back to 5-STABLE for inclusion in the
upcoming 5.4 release. I'll be doing that in a couple of weeks. So,
if you can, play with it and report any problems.

Thanks to Daniel Seuffert for his contribution, without which there
wouldn't be any progress.


  Marcel Moolenaar         USPA: A-39004          marcel at xcllnt.net

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