Problem with DHCLIENT vs 64-bit time_t

Garance A Drosihn drosih at
Mon Feb 16 17:33:18 PST 2004

At 5:13 PM -0600 2/15/04, matt wrote:
>  Anyhow, here is the strangeness.  After compiling/installing
>  the 64 bit time_t world/kernel, I'm getting some serious lag
>  on this machine.  When logged in via ssh, the shell freezes
>  every few seconds for a brief period of time.  ...

And in a later message, he wrote:
>  Killing dhclient brought things back to normal - and yes, I
>  did remove /var/db/dhcp.leases (had to, dhclient wouldn't
>  work until I did).  My kernel was just a run of the mill
>  GENERIC, no changes.

Well, there does seem to be some kind of problem here, but I
don't know what to do about it just yet.  In my earlier testing,
I did do some testing with a dhcp-configured machine, but not a
lot of it.

After reading the above report, I took my system which was already
upgraded to 64-bTT, and which also already has all of it's ports
recompiled for 64-bTT.  I cvsup'ed the base system, and did a
complete new buildworld/installworld cycle with 64-bTT.  So, it
is a system which has successfully gone through two consecutive
64-bTT builds without error.  I have not run into any other
problems with this upgraded system.

I tried configuring it for DHCP, rebooted it, and the startup
hung at the point of starting dhclient.  I ctrl-c'ed out of
the hang.  Once the system was up, I tried running dhclient
again.  Again it hung.  In my case it's hanging before it gets
any information (hme0 is not configured at all).  I assume
that in Matt's case, it did get some dhcp address, because he
said he was ssh'ed into it.  This testing reminded me that
dhclient did sometimes hang on me in my earlier testing, but
I forgot about that when I had some reboots where it worked.

That's about as much as I know about the problem so far.  Does
anyone have some time to look into this?

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