64 bit time_t oddness

matt matt at grogged.dyndns.org
Sun Feb 15 16:25:10 PST 2004

Killing dhclient brought things back to normal - and yes, I did remove
/var/db/dhcp.leases (had to, dhclient wouldn't work until I did).
My kernel was just a run of the mill GENERIC, no changes.


> I am not seeing this behavior.  My 64-bit time_t system is sitting
> at 99% to 100% idle.  One thing I notice is that you're running
> dhclient there, and I am not.  (I did do some testing with a DHCP
> setup, but not much).  Is your ethernet connection configured
> correctly?  Did you remember to remove /var/db/dhclient.leases ?
> I wonder if there's anything else that needs to be done for people
> who are using DHCP.
> Do you have any interesting options turned on (or off) in your
> kernel?  My kernel == the GENERIC kernel, except that I have
> commented out the WITNESS and WITNESS_SKIPSPIN options.  I am
> running the ULE scheduler (SCHED_ULE), which was a recent
> change to the GENERIC kernel.  Are you using the older scheduler?
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