Lost interrupts on SMP systems

Peter Trifonov pvtrifonov at mail.ru
Wed Jan 12 10:19:39 PST 2005

Hello John,
> Ok, can you get me the dmesg from a boot -v with both patches still?

I have just noticed a few things:
1. The log file at http://dcn.infos.ru/~bugman/bootlog.txt appears to be
truncated - the system ran out of dmesg buffer space before it was able to
write it to /var/run/dmesg.boot
However, I have noticed the following messages not listed there:
SMAP type 01....
CLK_USEI854	_CALIBRATION not defined
ioapic0: routing external i8259As ->intpin0
intpinI ->isa irq I (edge, high), where I=0..15

2. If the kernel is booted with -p and -v options, xl1 and xl2 work even
with both patches installed, but break down as soon as ping -f is performed.
If the system boots in normal way, xl1 and xl2 do not work at all.

With best regards,
P. Trifonov  

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