Atm driver problem.

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Sun Jan 2 19:01:33 PST 2005

Im having trouble getting feedback, i have sent this email to quite a 
few people with no responces. None. Hopefully someone out there can help 
me out. I now have 2 extra network cards to send to people to help 
testing. and tons of time to devote to this problem. Long time freebsd 
promoter here, and my last step would be to run linux, and i would hate 
to do that.

Hi, i am running freebsd 5.3 with a Fore LE25, PHY=77105. I have been 
using the IDT driver for over a year now. There is a bug in this driver 
i belive, becasue every 2 days, both boxes i have running idt stop 
passing traffic, and require a restart. When they hit the random 1-2 day 
mark, they completely run out of mbufs and no traffic can be passed. (2 
servers with 1 atm card, and 1 normal nic in each of them)

Here are some things i have done or found out:
I have experenced this problem from 5.2.1-5.3 (like i said about 1 year 
now) I also have tryed putting alot of memory in the boxes, and setting 
the mbufs to alot, kern.ipc.nmbclusters=131072 (after the new mbuf code 
was commited) Setting kern.ipc.nmbclusters=0 casues no trafffic to be 
passed on the atm card.

The new version of idt.c casues my dmesg to be spammed. and all my cpu 
eaten up with interupts. It looks like this
idt0: <IDT IDT77201/211 NICStAR ATM Adapter> port 0x9400-0x94ff mem 
0xe3004000-0xe3004fff irq 5 at device 6.0 on pci1
idt0: ATM card is Fore LE25, PHY=77105
idt0: 32K words of RAM
idt0: MAC address 00:20:48:21:11:4e, HWrev=2
idt0: i=  0, status=64320000
idt0: i=  0, status=64320000
idt0: i=  0, status=64320000
idt0: i=  0, status=64320000
idt0: i=  0, status=64320000
I tracked down where this was coming from, Line 3311. I recompiled 
my system after removing lines 3310 and 3311. The driver no longer ate 
all my cpu. But it still stoped passing traffic every 1-2 days.. I am 
currently running both versions of the driver(one on each box), and they 
break at about the same rate.

Google, and man pages say i should use the harp, OR cranor driver. not 
#ATM (cranor)
device          atm #(uncommented in my setup)
#device          en
#device          fatm                    #Fore PCA200E
#device          hatm                    #Fore/Marconi HE155/622
#device          patm                    #IDT77252 cards (ProATM and IDT)
#device          utopia                  #ATM PHY driver
#options         NATM                    #native ATM
#options         LIBMBPOOL               #needed by patm, iatm

device          hfa                     #FORE PCA-200E ATM PCI
device          harp                    #Pseudo-interface for NATM
options         ATM_CORE                #core ATM protocol family
options         ATM_IP                  #IP over ATM support
options         ATM_UNI                 #UNI signalling manager
options         ATM_SIGPVC              #SIGPVC signalling manager
options         ATM_SPANS               #SPANS signalling manager

Notes says that i should use one or the other, never both, and never a 
mixture. Some things that have confused me, is my network card fails to 
work unless device atm is uncommented. Also of the few places i found 
online, people were using mixtures of each driver in there setup. I saw 
alot of device atm, options atm_core, options atm_ip. Another thing to 
note, is device idt does not work in the kernel, i have to load the 
kernel module on boot.

I can provide any information you need, just write me back. I am willing 
to spend alot of time helping in any way i can to debug this. I can even 
go as far as mailing one of the extra Fore LE25 atm network cards to 
whoever needs it. I tryed the freebsd atm mailing list, and it seemed 
quite dead. If there is someone else i should send this email too, or 
something i could read, or extra information you need from me.

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