Problems booting 4.8R PicoBSD

Chuck T. freebsdfan at
Thu Jul 17 11:29:46 PDT 2003

I found my problem ... I was booting on card with a National Geode processor 
(formally Cyrix GXm) and I didn't have a cpu I586_CPU line in my 
configuration file.  The good news is that the kernel panic I ran into in 
4.4R has been fixed and I can now boot using a TFTP only version of pxeboot. 
  The bad news is that my project fit on a single floppy when built on 4.5R, 
but now even without the huge dhcp client it no longer fits.  Oh well, I've 
moved to a compact flash based system anyway so it's not an issue for me.

Thanks for the help Bob.

>Ah, I understand (sort of). I now remember I once tried tftp-only (ages 
>ago, around 4.5R) and it didn't work so I didn't pursue it.
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