Problems booting 4.8R PicoBSD

Bob Bishop rb at
Wed Jul 16 06:13:43 PDT 2003


>Everything is from 4.8R.  My primary interest at this point is in 
>reproducing the kernel panic I ran into with 4.4R if possible...  Back 
>then I was able to PXE boot with the default pxeboot that used both tftp 
>and nfs to load.  When I rebuilt pxeboot to use tftp only is when I got a 
>reproduceable kernel panic.  I'm trying to determine if the same problem 
>exists with 4.8R (I suspect it does).

Ah, I understand (sort of). I now remember I once tried tftp-only (ages 
ago, around 4.5R) and it didn't work so I didn't pursue it.

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