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Manuel Kasper mk at neon1.net
Wed Apr 23 22:25:15 PDT 2003

> Manuel Kasper <mk at neon1.net> posted a 'minibsd' how-to a few
> weeks ago.
> His article is at:
> http://neon1.net/misc/minibsd.html

Just thought I'd mention that I have decided to release a ready-made
binary image (suitable for flashing on CF card etc.) of miniBSD soon as a
convenience to those who are scared off by the amount of work associated
by going through the whole guide or who don't want to do it over and over
again as new versions of FreeBSD are released.

I've also been thinking about setting up an automated website where you
could pick all the options you want in your miniBSD image and have it
generate a custom image for you on-the-fly.

- Manuel

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