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Jim Brown jpb at sixshooter.v6.thrupoint.net
Wed Apr 23 17:08:43 PDT 2003

* Rodrigo Readi <scire at web.de> [2003-04-23 14:05]:
> Dear Sirs!
> I am new to FreeBSD, and much more to this list, that I found nice
> because it seemed to be small. I hope my first questions are not too
> trivial.

Manuel Kasper <mk at neon1.net> posted a 'minibsd' how-to a few 
weeks ago.

His article is at:

Additional slashdot commentary:

These may help you get something closer to what you want.

Best Regards,

> I would like to make a bootable floppy with a small kernel, with /etc,
> minimal provisory bin and sbin. The kernel should have some few
> drivers and support NFS client for having the resources in bin, sbin
> and other directories in a server on a local ethernet, as well as
> /home. The idea is to give this floppy to some windoze users in order
> that they taste FreeBSD without altering anything in their hard
> disks. Later I will try to do it in the normal way, booting from the
> net, but I want to try first with this "small bsd" concept and would
> thank you for any suggestion. Since I also want to learn how to adapt
> normal FreeBSD to specific purposes, I would preffer not to use
> PicoBSD, closedbsd and other small distributions.
> Today I did the following with a floppy:
> fdformat fd0 disklabel -B -w fd0 fd1440 newfs fd0a
> And this seemed to be enough to make a bootable floppy searching for
> "/kernel". Isn't fdisk necessary? Isn't "/boot/mbr" necessary? Are
> "/boot/boot1" and /boot/boot2" enough? With what is filled the sector
> 0 of the floppy? Where does normally go the files given with -b and -s
> in disklabel?
> If I want to have the kernel compressed as "/kernel.gz", do I need
> "/boot/loader"? I noted that ClosedBSD has it and decompress.
> I have also some general questions. A floppy has 80 cylinders, 2
> heads, 18 sectors per track and 512 bytes per sector. Multiplying all
> these numbers and dividing by 1024 I get exactly 1440. Where is the
> boot sector? Is it one of these 2880=80*2*18 sectors? Or does a floppy
> has 1440+515K?
> An how are the cylinders, heads and sectors in a track numerated?
> beginning from 0 or from 1? It is clear from the manual that when
> fdisk asks for the size of the slice, it is the number of sectors, but
> what should be the entry for the beginning of the slice? The number of
> the first sector in it? Counted beginning from 0 or from 1?
> The command "disklabel -B -w fd0 fd1440" generated three partitions:
> a, b, c, all of the same size of the fd. I wanted that for a, and this
> is usual for c, but not for c: how do I make it of size 0?
> I also noted in ClosedBSD that they tar and compress "/etc" and that
> they used ""/sbin/tar -xzf" in "/etc/rc" for recover it. Is this a
> specially small version of tar? Where do I find small utilities for
> small bsds?
> Thanks, 
> Rodrigo 
> scire_AT_web_DOT_de
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