How to make the kernel small, smaller, smallest?

Rodrigo Readi scire at
Thu Apr 24 10:19:27 PDT 2003

Thanks for your answers to my previous posting. Manuels's Article about
minibsd contains indeed a lot of interesting matters, but it is
unfortunately not for my purpose: I want a minimal FreeBSD in one, at
most two, floppies that allows me to start an Xserver over a
NFS. PicoBSD is more for my purposes, thanks Bruce for your notes.

Now I have a new question: how to build a very small kernel? Today I
threw a lot away from the GENERIG config file, but inspite of it, it
compiled a lot of functions (modules?) that dont seem usefull to
me. At the end I had a little more than 2MB, gzipped a half of it. I
put it in my bootfloppy with the loader, and booted from it, the
machine asked for a device with the root directory, and I put a floppy
with sh, init and getty, but it hang (perhaps I forgot login). Then I
tried with oinit of picobsd, but the process died (error "signal
6"). Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks, Rodrigo.

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