Exiting X: not so much....

parv/freebsd parv.0zero9+freebsd at gmail.com
Mon Sep 27 08:36:51 UTC 2021

On Sun, Sep 26, 2021 at 3:19 PM J. Altman wrote:

> I run 12.2-release-p10 r370449 amd64 with an Nvidia Gforce 1050Ti.
> On Sept.26, I updated to the newest Nvidia driver. Ports were also
> updated on that day and more than once over the last month.

FreeBSD stable/13 in VirtualBox 5.2 on MS Windows 10 with EFI here,
using vt & framebuffer.

I start "startx" in the background after logging in on the console.


> Startx works; Windowmaker works; as do all programs. As indicated
> in the Subject: line, exiting does not work.
> I initiate an exit, and after about or not more than ten seconds, an
> unusable black screen appears with a blinking cursor in the upper
> left corner. The keyboard and mouse are unusable; no switching to
> another tty and no ctrl-alt-delete.

After exiting X, I see a black screen too. I can type the commands
blindly or switch to another tty but cannot verify.

During this time, ssh to the VM works as expected; no X11 process are
running at this point. I can restart the machine via shutdown (either
on console while blind, or when logged in via ssh).

Interesting point to note is as long as the VirtualBox VM menubar is
being accessed (select "File" or some other item, for example), I can
see the text on the console. At this point, I could type blind; pause;
access the VM menubar to verify the command; processed to execute the

- parv

> The desktop can only be rebooted by a warm reset or a power down.
> There is nothing relevant in Xorg.log: no errors nor warnings.
> Nothing in dmesg except the expected improper disk unmounting warning
> followed by fsck.
> I don't have the first clue what could be wrong nor do I have any
> idea how to begin troubleshooting. Given the paucity of information
> I can offer, can any advice be given to me?


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