Exiting X: not so much....

J. Altman freebsd at chthonixia.net
Mon Sep 27 14:40:46 UTC 2021

On Sun, Sep 26, 2021 at 08:53:23PM -0700, Kevin Oberman wrote:
> Can you log in over the network and see if you can get some clue  as to
> what is hanging? Are X processes still running and can you kill something
> to free things up?

Okay; I can login over the network...(which surprised me since I am used to
that not working due to my experience with early version of the drm bits
which is why I purchased the Nvidia...)

X does stop running, no stray processes that I can see in top, systat,
nor ps -waux. I can post it if needed. Nothing is logged in Xorg.log. 

While logged in over my LAN, I tried going to single user mode to see if 
that would jostle things and restore the display. It didn't work.

So I thought to unplug the keyboard and mouse, and then I punched the
reset button which did restore the monitor and I could see on the wall 
that the keyboard and mouse detach/reattach were displayed. Even in this
context, that seems weird, right?

Maybe it's some weird thing with the monitor heretofore untickled? I note
that if I turn on the desktop, prior to turning on the monitor, the display
does not...display. ISTR that is normal(?) for vt? 

Also, for some reason,while the monitor is able to do 144, it is by
default set to 60....I can use xrandr to switch to 144 but so far my
attempt to specify it in a config file fail and I've used the
instructions in the handbook as recently as two weeks ago.

Anyway, Kevin, thanks for your reply and if you have any ideas I'm 

Best regards,

J. Altman

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