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On Sun, Mar 21, 2021 at 3:50 PM Jerry <jerry at seibercom.net> wrote:

> On Sun, 21 Mar 2021 15:04:16 -0400, Aryeh Friedman stated:
> >On Sun, Mar 21, 2021 at 2:26 PM Jerry <jerry at seibercom.net> wrote:
> >
> >> You are a complete asshole. The simple fact the the controller in
> >> question, and here I am assuming it is the controller, does not
> >> function correctly under FreeBSD, versions >= 11.x, but apparently
> >> does function under other OSs, is prima facie proof that it is not
> >> supported.
> >
> >As has been pointed out *MANY* times already in the thread just because
> >other OS's make something work by being lazy about how a standard is
> >implemented does not mean there is nothing non-standard with any given
> >hardware.   It only means that if anything the other OS's are being
> >less strict then they should be about how they interpret the standard
> >thus when a OS that actually does care about that strictness and doing
> >things "right" has a problem with the non-standard hardware it is the
> >fault of the OS?!?!?!   That is as insane as the NRA saying bullets
> >from guns don't kill people.
> Again, and without proof, you are placing the blame on something other
> than FreeBSD. For the record, you are claiming that EVERY OTHER
> there are so many to choose from) ARE IMPLEMENTED. Is that correct?

Similar issues have been reported with the same control in other OS's
(Linux *AND* Windows) and they are still actively being worked on.  Here is
a random sampling of said reports:


So stop your gaslighting about how it is only FreeBSD that has a problem
with this obviously non-standard piece of hardware.   The bottom line is
11.X likely was too lax on stuff and after making it be more strict about
standards did such a non-standard piece of hardware get exposed as being

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