OS to replace FreeBSD

Kurt Hackenberg kh at panix.com
Sun Mar 21 19:16:53 UTC 2021

On 2021/03/21 14:25, Jerry wrote:

> [irritation]

35 years of unhappy experience has shown us that the only effective way 
to deal with Internet flamers is to ignore them. Don't even read their 
messages, and, ideally, make your reader software not even show you 
messages from them. Usenet readers added that automatic filtering long 
ago, for that reason. Some mail readers can also do something like that. 
I suggest that you ignore Mr. Friedman.

You might also moderate your tone slightly, in one way: be less 
absolutist. You say FreeBSD is wrong and all other OSes are right. I get 
the impression that it's more like this: there's an obscure hardware 
error, and some OSes either don't trigger it or work around it, but 
FreeBSD currently has a problem with it. But nobody knows for sure.

Now that somebody has volunteered to debug this, maybe it will get 

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