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Sun Jul 18 12:38:30 UTC 2021

Welcome :-)

On 17/07/2021 13:18, ezekiel motta wrote:
> Hello FreeBSD Foundation

Contact details for the Foundation:


> … NomadBSD/GhostBSD/, but I would prefer to install FreeBSD
> from the people that have developed FreeBSD. I do not like forks,
> I think they are a bit parasitical. …

Things such as GhostBSD are not parasitical, please see (for example):


– I'll request addition of NomadBSD.

> If you offered a simple installer (download image, burnt it on
> usb flash drive and install it, done, finito) I believe many
> many more people would use FreeBSD. …


Realistically: we should not expect developers of FreeBSD, which does 
not include a desktop environment, to provide and maintain an image with 
a desktop environment. It's simply out of scope.

Desktop environments, window managers and so on are ported. For each 
port, there's a maintainer. FreshPorts is our friend:


Community works in progress include this, which should work if a disk 
(written from Samuel Venable's image) is used to boot a real machine:


<> should explain why FreeBSD does 
not distribute images with desktop environments, although I reckon that 
the book of answers to frequently asked questions is already too long.

Elsewhere there are many discussions of the rationale. Two of the more 
recent discussions:


Kind regards

Graham (former user of Mac OS X)

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