ezekiel motta ezekielmotta017 at
Sat Jul 17 12:18:24 UTC 2021

Hello FreeBSD Foundation

Hope you are all doing well.

I know nothing about computing, and have never used any other OS except
macOS precisely for that reason.

I would love to try FreeBSD but I can not since I am an ignoramus on all
matters relating to computing.

I have watched FreeBSD videos on youtube. I identify with the philosophy of
your Foundation.

My question is this: why don't you offer a FreeBSD download with a simple
installer (With openbox, for instance :) so
that people like me can install FreeBSD and use it??????? Is it very
difficult? A light desktop environment, like openBOX and FreeBSD ready to
go, no more tweaking, terminaling etc)

You might say: well, if you want to use FreeBSD you must learn how to use
FreeBSD. Well, I don't want to learn because I have other things
to do and I am not good at it. I just want to use it. Do I have to be
sort of forced to learn X before I can use X?
That is absurd. I am just a simple user.

You say you subscribe to the principle of simplicity but installing FreeBSD
(for non-technical people like myself) is
anything but simple, especially when attempting to configure a desktop (I
have seen it on youtube). To you it may appear simple, but to me it
is not simple at all.

I could install NomadBSD/GhostBSD/, but I would prefer to install FreeBSD
from the people that have developed
FreeBSD. I do not like forks, I think they are a bit parasitical.

If you offered a simple installer (download image, burnt it on usb flash
drive and install it, done, finito) I believe
many many more people would use FreeBSD.

This is the only thing that is stopping me from using FreeBSD.

I am certain that you have received my requests like this one.
I just do not understand why you do not make life much simpler for people
like me.

Kind regards

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