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Sun Jul 11 20:23:57 UTC 2021

Le dimanche 11 juil. 2021 à 22:11:26 (+0300), Mehmet Erol Sanliturk à écrit:
> I am reading these messages to learn very good ideas and I am pleased to
> read them .
> My opinions are "good" plus some "bad" ones .
> My computing adventure started in 1965 when I was an elementary teacher in
> a village in Turkey at the age of 18 .
> In those days their name was "electronic brain" in the field of mathematics
> "priests" meaning people having very high IQs .
> I have decided to attend  a university but with English language teaching .
> In Turkey they were Middle East Technical University
> belonging to the State and Robert College ( a private and ex[ensive one ) .
> In 1970 at the METU I learned Fortran with my efforts
> and then I have continued .
> I have started with FreeBSD 2.x . Since it was unusable , I have waited up
> to 7.x . I have started to use it upto 9.0  ( still a few hard disk
> are containing them with a server staying unused , because it could not be
> possible to run them due to unacceptable slow execution .
> It could not be possible to find a solution to remedy this problem . I have
> switched to ( Linux ) Mandriva . Some time later Mndrive has died
> and I have switched Fedora and I am now using it continuously  on all my
> computers including a NFS server .
> What is the problem with FreeBSD ?
> There is no problem with FreeBSD .  The problem is it requires an MSc
> degree ( as exaggerated ) in "How to use FreeBSD" .
> Always , approximately many persons are saying that use of FreeBSD requires
> "expertise" to use it . In that case the problem is
> how to acquire that expertise .

FreeBSD is user friendly, it just choose very carefully who's friend whith. :-)

I use Unices since 1984, Aix, HP-UX, sco, SunOS, Solaris, MacOS X, Linux, NetBSD,
OpenBSD, FreeBSD. My everyday computer is a laptop lenovo X280 running FreebSD
13.0. It work, like a charm. But yes, I am a Unix guy, not afraid by command
line (and every day more afraid by GUI which hide a lot of things to the user,
and a lot of options`).

A developer is not a sysadmin and I understand the frustration for a
developer to not have the comfort of MacOS, Windows or even Ubuntu. But the
goal of all those OS are different from the goal of *BSD.

In fact, the persons who use a GUI (even a minimal one like i3wm) on *BSD use
those OS exactly at the inverse they are made for. To be clear *BSD are not
made to run blender, gimp or inkscape. And even less for developping IDE
(AndroidStudio for example).

This is just my small contribution to this thread, thanks for reading me.

[snip a lot of very interesting things but why read them twice]

Jacques Foucry

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