installed FreeBSD from mfsbsd, but cannot update

David Christensen dpchrist at
Fri Sep 4 19:51:24 UTC 2020

On 2020-09-04 08:36, Antonio Olivares wrote:
> Dear kind FreeBSD users,
> I have installed freebsd 12.1-RELEASE from mfsbsd 

I assume mfsbsd meets its author's needs.  If it does not meet your 
needs, perhaps your should contact the author:

Or, perhaps you should use an official FreeBSD installer:

For "Partitioning", choose "Auto (ZFS)" and you will be able to set the 
swap size.

As there is no obvious way to set the boot or root sizes, consider 
installing onto a small SSD -- to facilitate backups, restores, and 
migrations.  I find that 16 GB devices are sufficient for lightweight 
graphical workstations.

> with ZFS and I
> configured SWAP like I wanted to 4GB of SWAP or 2G is not enough.  I
> have experience many crashes.  

If your machine is swapping heavily, you need more memory.

> I try to run # freebsd-update fetch and it fails

Please consider this:

Technical support requires facts.  Always install SSH, so that you can 
use ssh(1) and/or sshfs(1).  If SSH fails, use a USB flash drive and 
"sneaker net".  As a last resort, use a camera and transcribe.  Copy and 
paste exact and complete console sessions into support requests and 
replies -- prompt, command entered, and output obtained.


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