Please help with Apache virtual servers and DNS trouble (I think)

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Fri Nov 20 19:38:42 UTC 2020

>> What do you mean with ’subdomain’? A subdomain would mean something like
>> '' in your case, and your mantisbt server would then be
>> reachable as So please elaborate.
> Networking is not my strength ; IIUC my tld is, and I am using subdomains
> www, mantisbt, timetracker... or fully qualified,,
>, etc. Is my terminology incorrect?

Yes, tld (Top Level Domain) = .net. Your domain name is, and ‘www’ (and others) are called hosts (which in DNS terminology are either A records or CNAMEs, if they refer to another A record).

> Also, fwiw, from my httpd.conf:
> Listen 80
> ServerName
> and my typical vhost entry in
> <VirtualHost>
>    DocumentRoot "/usr/local/www/mantisbt"
>    <Directory "/usr/local/www/mantisbt">
>        allow from all
>        Options None
>        Require all granted
>    </Directory>
> </VirtualHost>

I think you need a ServerName directive in your VirtualHost setup, so in the above example ServerName <>. Without that directive my hosts don’t work.


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