Please help with Apache virtual servers and DNS trouble (I think)

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Fri Nov 20 19:14:03 UTC 2020

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Thanks for your kind help Peter. Just to be clear, this is my intended

                                                             +----------------+    <-------------------------------- + ERPNext        +
ssh -p 3022  <-------------------------------- + Ubuntu         |
                                                             | 20.04          |          <----\                            | LTS            |     <----+                            |                |   <----+       +--------------------+----------------+    <----+------ + Apache/MariaDb/PHP | virtualbox-ose |
ssh -p 3022  <------------| FreeBSD 11.3 / 12.2                 |


>> ... My understanding of LetsEncrypt (and certbot and the Apache
>> certbot plugin) is that subdomain DNS entry will be required for each Apache
>> virtual server that will https.

> LetsEncrypt version 2 support wildcard certificates. So with one certificate you
> can serve www.domain.tld, blah.domain.tld and hurray.domain.tld. However, in order
> to reach your virtual server have to have a DNS record for
> that host (not subdomain), this can be an A record or a CNAME.
> Of course you can use a wildcard.

Wild cards sound easier to manage, which I will investigate after getting things
working again without certs.

>> So I removed the wild card from my DNS entry and configured new
>> subdomain DNS entries for the Apache virtual servers. However I didn't create
>> certificates or change Apache httpd-vhosts.conf, and I'm still not trying to
>> serve anything but pure http on port 80.

> What do you mean with ’subdomain’? A subdomain would mean something like
> '' in your case, and your mantisbt server would then be
> reachable as So please elaborate.

Networking is not my strength ; IIUC my tld is, and I am using subdomains
www, mantisbt, timetracker... or fully qualified,,, etc. Is my terminology incorrect?

>> The problem is that I can access all my virtual servers and ssh to the vm using
>> port 3022, but I get a "no server response" error in the browser when trying to
>> access the vm web server on port 8080.

> Is it not that your browser expects https and you get http (or vice versa)?
> What does your apache logging say?

I am not expecting ANY https at this point. My goal is to first restore the
http-only behavior I had using fbsd-11.3 before I started down this rabbit
hole. ;-)  Perhaps I need to go back to the one original wildcard DNS entry I had
and all will be ok, and then I figure out to use a wildcard Let's Encrypt cert,
and then the specifics of each web apps.

I browsed to the vbox vm web server and saw expected ("This page isn’t
working" " didn’t send any data." "ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSEI"), but then
checked httpd-error.log and no related errors, which I had expected to see, thinking
Apache was getting the request and didn't know what to do with it.

Maybe the web server on the vbox vm isn't responding at all. I will need to check
that out.

Fwiw, here is my DNS setup at (entries all have same config):

Also, fwiw, from my httpd.conf:

Listen 80

and my typical vhost entry in

    DocumentRoot "/usr/local/www/mantisbt"
    <Directory "/usr/local/www/mantisbt">
        allow from all
        Options None
        Require all granted

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