Firefox memory usage

Valeri Galtsev galtsev at
Mon Nov 9 00:01:10 UTC 2020

> On Nov 8, 2020, at 4:46 PM, Tomasz CEDRO <tomek at> wrote:
> yuupp i even close it quite often and clean up tabs but my Atari was faster
> :-(
> welcome to the brave new world where first better website is probably more
> complex (in terms of frameworks and dependencies and memory footprint) than
> the OS itself ;-)


The worst parts about today’s websites is: they are not self-sufficient. You go the a website and your browser goes to up to a dozen different places collecting some scripts from one, some images from another, some …. you name it. Not to mention mighty bog brother google (“analytics”)...


In the past it was considered a bad practice to force browser of your visitor go to some places outside of your website/ URL /domain.


> also ~80+ Firefox introduced some nasty ideas such as "profile downgrade
> protection" so i can only imagine what kind of team took over the project
> :-)
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