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Mon Nov 9 04:29:51 UTC 2020

On Sun, 8 Nov 2020 23:46:06 +0100, Tomasz CEDRO wrote:
> yuupp i even close it quite often and clean up tabs but my Atari was faster
> :-(
> welcome to the brave new world where first better website is probably more
> complex (in terms of frameworks and dependencies and memory footprint) than
> the OS itself ;-)

Don't confuse modern web browser with "programs that display
web pages" - their complexity is like a whole operating system,
as they share concepts and implementation of those.

That is the _first_ complexity - and on top, as you mentioned,
is the _second_ complexity of websites taking advantage of all
that power: primarily JS, its many frameworks, external resources
and dependencies, lots of local computation and storage.

It's quite funny that all the disadvantages associated with
"Flash" now have become even more significant with JS. Many
years ago, I tried opening 70+ tabs in Opera with "Flash",
each one playing some video. That was on a dual-core machine
with 2 GB RAM. With the 75th tab open, swapping started, but
Opera still was responsive (albeit sluggish), so I could
close the tabs, and system came back to normal. Funny thing:
It seemed to be more I/O load than CPU load, and looked
like this (copied from a terminal - yes, this was still

  1  [||||                      7.9%]     Tasks: 73, 0 thr; 1 running
  2  [|                         2.6%]     Load average: 0.38 0.70 0.42 
  Mem[|||||||||||||||||||1601/1990MB]     Uptime: 00:52:33
  Swp[|||||               275/2047MB]

Now try _that_ today - with today's resource-intensive
websites, with today's resource-intensive web browsers.
Use a recent PC, put 64 GB RAM in them. Probably you won't
even reach 50 tabs open... :-)

> also ~80+ Firefox introduced some nasty ideas such as "profile downgrade
> protection" so i can only imagine what kind of team took over the project
> :-)

Combine this with "use our online services and store your stuff
in our cloud"-mentality... "our customers"... yes, definitely
what I want from a "simple" program that displays web pages... ;-)

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