Keyboard and mouse not working after X update

Tomasz CEDRO tomek at
Sun May 31 20:22:27 UTC 2020

Hey Poly :-) There were big changes recently in Xorg and video and
input drivers handling in FreeBSD.. those changes mostly come from and
are enforced by a Linux world and the hardware vendors.. not really
much to be done about it rather than adapt (and the upstream
development). I also experienced those problems with video and I also
get the impression that input is a bit worse than before.. but it
works now.. and if you search the history there are people with
similar problems and solutions :-)

Another upcoming solution for the Xorg issues may be Wayland on
FreeBSD instead of Xorg. There also was quite a large mailing thread
for that. You may take a look at Enlightenment as the Xorg but also
Wayland enabled WM :-)

Take care! :-)


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