best sound subsystem for freebsd for a desktop

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Tue May 19 15:38:47 UTC 2020

Personal opinion follows.

On Tue, 19 May 2020 15:19:14 +0100, tech-lists wrote:
> What's in thes list's opinion would be the "best" sound setup for a freebsd
> desktop? The use case is this:
> 1. things like youtube videos, twitter multimedia, playable on firefox,

Works fully as expected.

> 2. vlc for streaming etc

No problem.

> 3. system noises like you'd expect from a desktop

Depends on the desktop environment you use, and how it is
configured to entertain, erm annoy the user. I don't expect
a desktop to make any noises, unless the head is banged
onto it. :-)

> 4. 12.1-stable
> 5. pcm3 Realtek ALC1150 2+1 config

Doesn't look non-standard. :-)

> Reason for the question is partly because there's all kinds of "sound system"
> like pulseaudio alsa jack oss ... which is the best for my use case?

Probably OSS, because as far as I'm aware of, most programs default
to OSS (on FreeBSD) anyway. All the other "sound systems" are just
specific one-off cases for certain applications that depend on them.
You also forgot to mention ESD and SDL. ;-)

> The other
> reason is there seems to be a lag between selecting something to play like a
> youtube video and sound coming out. Something like 2-5 seconds; it's annoying
> and I have no idea how to diagnose it or fix it. Any clues please?

That looks very strange. Do you have significant load problems on
your machine (check with convenient tools like htop)? Is this just
a "YouTube in the browser" problem? Does it lead to unsynchronized
playback (audio is 5 seconds behind video)? If you download something
from YT using youtube-dl and then play the file with mplayer, do
you see the same problem?

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