Jail, vnet, zfs, and iocage, networking setup

Mathias Picker Mathias.Picker at virtual-earth.de
Fri Mar 27 19:10:12 UTC 2020

Hi David,

I’ve never used iocage, just jail.conf, maybe my experience can 
still help.

I’m setting up an if_bridge whithout my main interface in it, and 
configure routing.

Bridging can show the jail/bridge mac addresses to the outsinde 
world, which can get you into trouble with your hosting 
provider. At least Hetzner didn’t like it at all ;)

So, I basically put something like this into rc.conf:

ifconfig_jailbridge0="inet [someaddress/somemask] up"
ifconfig_jailbridge0_ipv6="inet6 [someaddress/somemask]“
ifconfig_jailbridge0_alias0="inet6 fe80::1/64" # this was needed 
for routing, I’m not 100% sure if this should be needed…

Then I put something like this into jail.conf:



exec.start="sh /etc/rc";
exec.stop="sh /etc/rc.shutdown";
exec.prestart="logger starting jail $name ...";
exec.poststart="logger jail $name has started";
exec.prestop="logger shuttding down jail $name";
exec.poststop="logger jail $name has shut down";

# vnet jails
exec.prestart+="/usr/local/bin/jailtobridge $name jailbridge0";
exec.poststop+="/sbin/ifconfig jailbridge0 deletem ${name}_b";


# generic hostnames

myhost1 {}
myhost2 {}

and installed the jails with ‘bsdinstall jail /jail/jails/myhost1’ 
and when finished configured networking in the jails rc.conf.

This was my first setup with jail.conf and understanding (well, 
sort of) if_bridge has taken some time, but otherwise it’s really 

I update the jails with freebsd-update from the host system.

Good luck,


David Mehler writes:

> Hello,
> I'm trying to get vnet jails going on FreeBSD 12.1. I've set up 
> jails
> previously by setting up a cloned lo1 interface now i'd like to 
> get
> zfs, iocage, and vnet jails going. I've got a vps with a single
> physical interface. I've got zfs working fine, and iocage is
> installed. When I create a jail it has no network access at 
> all. If I
> set up a vlan can I then set up a bridge between the vlan and 
> the
> physical interface?
> Does anyone have some notes on this? Google has shown results 
> but most
> with FreeBSD 11.x.
> Thanks.
> Dave.
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