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On Tue, Mar 17, 2020 at 12:29:43PM +0700, Victor Sudakov wrote:
> Ihor Antonov wrote:
> [dd]
> > 
> > Basically docker "image" is just collection of layers. 
> > When you work on the dockerfile and
> > rebuild it regularly - you don't want to rebuild parts that have not
> > changed. And so docker came up with the idea of image layers. Each
> > command in Dockerfile creates a layer. And if you did not touch that
> > specific line in dockerfile - layer will be re-used
> > When you are finished - your "image" is just a resulting set of layers.
> > (overly simplified, but the gist of it) 
> This is what the current FreeBSD jail system is lacking. At best, jail
> management systems like ezjail offer two layers: the base jail and the
> overlay jail.

the problem with ezjail is that all your jails need to be the same
version. The biggest advantage of using full (thick) jail is that you 
have fully independent ZFS dataset (or ..) that you can replicate (hot 

> This is AFAIK. If someone is better informed please correct me.
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