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Victor Sudakov vas at
Tue Mar 17 05:29:46 UTC 2020

Ihor Antonov wrote:


> Basically docker "image" is just collection of layers. 
> When you work on the dockerfile and
> rebuild it regularly - you don't want to rebuild parts that have not
> changed. And so docker came up with the idea of image layers. Each
> command in Dockerfile creates a layer. And if you did not touch that
> specific line in dockerfile - layer will be re-used
> When you are finished - your "image" is just a resulting set of layers.
> (overly simplified, but the gist of it) 

This is what the current FreeBSD jail system is lacking. At best, jail
management systems like ezjail offer two layers: the base jail and the
overlay jail.

This is AFAIK. If someone is better informed please correct me.

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