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Victor Sudakov vas at
Mon Mar 16 07:11:06 UTC 2020

Steve O'Hara-Smith wrote:
> On Sat, 15 Feb 2020 13:38:18 +0700
> Victor Sudakov <vas at> wrote:
> > But jails lack a repository of ready-made containers with applications.
> 	True - but there's never been anything to prevent setting one up,
> iocage has export, import, rename and snapshot which should provide the
> necessary core.
> > To be honest, jails lack even a decent management infrastructure. Yes we
> 	There are several iocage, ezjail, cbsd, bsdploy, jest to mention
> just a few. I find iocage suits my needs well enough.

Oh, I've met an iocage person.

Steve, can iocage export thin provisioned images? If you publish an
iocage image e.g. of a Moodle server, will it contain the whole
underlying FreeBSD system within?

> > have bits like "pkg -j", "bectl jail", "bsdinstall jail",
> > "freebsd-update -b"  but nobody cared to build a convenient
> > infrastructure out of all this, not to speak about a repository of
> > ready-made jails for different purposes.
> 	Quite so, FreeBSD has all the bits to do it and has had for some
> time, but nobody wanted a repository of pre-built jails enough to make one.
> Nothing stops you from starting one based around one of the tools above or
> from scratch based on the native support. It gets done internally by
> organisations using FreeBSD to provide images that have been tested and
> vetted by internal dev-ops and security folks - such organisations also
> tend to build their own docker repository rather than trusting ones from
> the net.

The last time I checked, "image provision" was broken in
sysutils/vm-bhyve and nobody cares:

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