Technological advantages over Linux

Victor Sudakov vas at
Mon Mar 16 07:02:44 UTC 2020

Steve O'Hara-Smith wrote:
> On Fri, 14 Feb 2020 21:16:00 +0700
> Victor Sudakov <vas at> wrote:
> > For example, the absence of Docker (or analogous technology) for FreeBSD
> > is a huge disadvantage. We need to name really superiour features to
> > make up for this shortage.
> 	pkg search docker shows a lot of packages including:
> docker-18.09.5_1               Open-source application container engine
> docker-compose-1.24.0_1        Define and run multi-container applications
> with Docker
> 	Looks like we have docker - 

No, this is the wrong docker. It depends on VirtualBox and wants to run
something in it, I guess some Linux.

> but IMHO jails are better lightweight
> containers with a *much* longer track record and there's bhyve for full
> blown virtualisation.

Both bhyve and jails are good as backend technologies but lack the
features we value hypervisors and containers for: a community-supported
collection of ready-made virtual appliances and guest images.

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