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Pete Wright pete at
Wed Jun 3 23:08:50 UTC 2020

On 6/3/20 2:54 PM, Brandon Helsley wrote:
> I've searched around FreeBSD documentation and have found that most of the contributions require at least minimal programming skills. My question is whether or not there is anything I can contribute or maintain for freebsd without any skills. What direction should I take my education if I wish to be able to maintain a port. Is c++ programming required? What else is required?

Hi Brandon - I think one of the benefits of FreeBSD is that it is a 
complete operating system with a cohesive development effort.  As such I 
personally don't think you necessarily need to be a programmer to get 
involved.  As others have mentioned, documentation is a great place to 
start.  I also think just subscribing to various mailing lists that 
interest you and watching developers interact as they develop and fix 
code is a great way to learn more about programming and operating 
systems in general.

Finally, just being an engaged user and testing the OS (by tracking the 
STABLE or CURRENT branches for example) is a good way to get involved 
too.  Eventually you may find that as you learn more about FreeBSD 
you'll have no issues finding an area to contribute to that interests 
you - be it ports, docs, or contributing C or sh code to the OS.


Pete Wright
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