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> > This is just general thought not addressed to anyone in particular.
> >
> > For the moment it indeed is true that openjdk is free. While Sun
> Microsystems was behind Java I was quite certain there will be no changes
> neither for end user use of Java, not for openjdk. Sun Microsystem did have
> that reputation (at least, in my book). Oracle has different reputation
> (again, in my book). And charging end users of java applications was not a
> surprise for me. I am not saying openjdk will have the same faith, but if
> that happens, it will not come as a surprise for me.
> >
> > Now, it is everybody?s own judgement people should rely on in estimate
> of how useful their skills in programming in Java may be in some future to
> come. They still may be valuable even if you shift your field out of open
> source domain, so do your own thinking.
> >
> > Just my 2 cents, as always.
> >
> Now, concerning the Java developers community, you also may not know how
> deep the open source spirit is rooted there.
> There are cultural reasons for this, one of them being that Windows was,
> and still is, the worse platform to run Java applications on.
> So Java developers also have to use some kind of Unix system when
> deploying their applications. It is also worth noting a great many Java
> tools are released under the
> Apache license, which is close to the BSD license.
> And you may be surprised if you had a look at the wealth of Java open
> source tools available (e.g. google "Maven repository").

There are some mascists out there like my team mate who does all her
programming by editing Java in Notepad and then uploading it to her FreeBSD
VM and compiling it since almost all our Java projects (95% of our work)
runs on FreeBSD first and foremost.  Due to Java's "Compile once run
anywhere" promise people might use our stuff all kinds of places for
example the same team mate is using a screen recording program I am
developing right now on my FreeBSD 12.1 desktop machine (the same one I am
writing this message on) on her Windows machine with near zero modification
(doesn't have ffmpeg installed so can't do the final video rendering but oh
well).   BTW we plan to release this under the BSD license in the next few
weeks after I get the first version that is usable by mere mortals (aka
Aryeh M. Friedman, Lead Developer,

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