Keyboard and mouse not working after X update

Polytropon freebsd at
Mon Jun 1 20:24:56 UTC 2020

On Mon, 1 Jun 2020 21:40:24 +0200, Per Hedeland wrote:
> On 2020-05-31 23:17, Polytropon wrote:
> >
> > I can get only 60 fps in "glxgears" (5600 on my old home PC from 2007).
> At least for me (and many others according to google), it initially says:
>   Running synchronized to the vertical refresh.  The framerate should be
>   approximately the same as the monitor refresh rate.
> I.e. 60 fps (I get the same) is probably correct. Unfortunately the
> only way to find out how to make it *not* be "synchronized to the
> vertical refresh" seems to be google (or the source, probably). Try
> $ env vblank_mode=0 glxgears
> (I get 7100+ fps with that.)

With or without that environmental setting, I now get about 260 FPS
(the setting doesn't seem to change anything), which already is an
improvement using the "amdgpu" kernel module. Still I'm not sure
if my X still runs on VESA - seems like it; the log file contains:

[   237.685] (II) LoadModule: "ati"
[   237.688] (WW) Warning, couldn't open module ati
[   237.688] (EE) Failed to load module "ati" (module does not exist, 0)
[   237.688] (II) LoadModule: "modesetting"
[   237.688] (II) Loading /usr/local/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/
[   237.691] (II) Loading /usr/local/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/
[   237.692] (II) LoadModule: "vesa"
[   237.693] (II) modesetting: Driver for Modesetting Kernel Drivers: kms
[   237.698] (II) UnloadModule: "modesetting"

And then lots of VESA information.

I thought that "amdgpu" is now the correct driver name? I have the
kernel module installed and loaded, I have the X drivers package
installed (xf86-video-amdgpu), so shouldn't there be at least _some_
little evidence that this driver has been loaded, in the log file?

As I said, when I install xf86-video-ati, after "startx" I only
get a black screen. The names "amdgpu" / "radeon" / "ati" more
or less seem to mean the same, but are totally different in what
they are to be used for.

This is very confusing... :-/

Sidenote: On my el-cheapo Aldi home PC with nVidia graphics
I get approx. 5200 FPS in "glxgears".

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