Technological advantages over Linux

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> Victor Sudakov wrote:
>> Not to start a flame war. A purely technical question: what
>> technological advantages does the modern FreeBSD have over modern Linux?
> After gaining more experience using Debian systems for several months,
> I've come across several technological disadvantages of FreeBSD as a
> server (in no particular order):

> 3. FreeBSD lacks a native docker (what prevents from fixing
> sysutils/docker-freebsd?). FreeBSD already has a working Linux binary
> compatibility, why can't we run Linux docker? A working docker could
> also make problems with different versions of native PHP irrelevant.

I also agree that this is a big disadvantage.  Whenever I make my donation to the FreeBSD Foundation, and they ask in the donation form for comments on what you want them to work/focus on in the future, I always put a plug in for a native bhyve driver for docker-machine.  This would go some way to putting it on a par with Docker under macOS, which uses HyperKit to interface with the built-in hypervisor under macOS (which is based on bhyve).  MacOS is considered a "first class citizen" under the Docker ecosystem, or at least has great support via Docker Desktop.  Last I looked, FreeBSD only supported VirtualBox with docker-machine.  It would be great to have native bhyve support.

FreeBSD has great tools, but sometimes the tooling/integration lags behind. :-(



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