Technological advantages over Linux

Victor Sudakov vas at
Sat Jul 25 06:49:25 UTC 2020

Rob Belics wrote:
> 1) I'm pretty sure you can but it's not automatic. Is it automatic on
> Debian?

I cannot even call it "automatic". It's as simple as running
"apt install -y php7.3 php7.2"

> 2) Isn't that an AWS setup problem and not a FreeBSD one?

If it works for Linux and does not work for FreeBSD, then it's probably
not an AWS problem. The "hardware" (virtualized) is the same.

> 3) Linux doesn't run jails. That's a technical disadvantage of Linux and
> why I won't run it.

Linux runs other containerization technologies, they are not called
"jails" but the idea is just the same. Read up more on Linux

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