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> On Mon, Dec 28, 2020 at 10:13:07PM +0100, CerebrosuS wrote:
>> Hello at all,
>> the community and developer at FreeBSD seem to know, that SMBv1 for
>> clients is nearly over and that the included mount_smbfs doesn't support
>> newer versions. So good, so far...
>> So I can find multiple information about the situation, but no clear
>> path on how FreeBSD community and developer will go on to solve this
>> missing function. (Just got the information on:

Can someone give a quick big picture? What would this mean for someone e.g.
wanting to build an enterprise file server? Can FreeBSD currently serve (I see
latest samba413 is in ports), but not connect as client to other (newer) servers?


> Two days with no response... I suggest trying the freebsd-hackers list
> instead, or the freebsd-arch list if that doesn't work, and my last
> guess would be freebsd-current. Only try one list at a time.

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